miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

I knew you were trouble

Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago
I was in your sights, you got me alone
You found me, you found me, you found me…
I guess you didn't care and I guess I liked that
And I when I fell hard, you took a step back
Without me, without me, without me…
And he's long gone when he's next to me
And I realize the blame is on me

I knew you were trouble when you walked in

No apologies, he'll never see you cry
Pretends he doesn't know that he's the reason why
You're drowning, you’re drowning, you’re drowning…
And I heard you moved on from whispers on the street
A new notch in your belt is all I’ll ever be

- Taylor Swift -

(Me gusta esta versión de Walk off the Earth)

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